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    Joshua,Now York,USA

    Great li'l piece of technology! I'm 63. Viagra was very hit'n miss with me. I tried Cialis and am so pleased. I'm getting erections, random and intentional, just like I did 30 years ago. I'm harder and can come more often than with Viagra. I have found that I can take just 2 x 20mg tabs a week (one on Friday, one on Tuesday) and I am good for the entire week.

    Nick Ka,Auckland,New Zealand

    I have been using Cialis for about 6 months now and I find the effects amazing. I experienced virtually no side effects and the erection-enhancing effects last upwards of 24 hours meaning that the sex that results is spontaneous and natural. While it is good that you can relax and take Cialis with food and alcohol over a weekend, I don't like taking it on a weekday. I feel slightly nervous that it's still in my system when I go into the office and although its makers claim that Cialis doesn't have an effect on the libido, I wouldn't care to put it to the test!


    I prefer to call if I have questions, but using on-line chat is also useful. I already bought goods online in other companies, but was scared to buy drugs. Who knows what they can put in the package? When my package arrived, I could not understand what it was because it looked like a standard registered letter. When I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised to see the products, exactly as pictures look at the website.

    Andrew Green,Toronto,Canada

    When I didn't perform as I should on two occasions, I started to panic which made it even more impossible to get a result the next time. My doctor originally prescribed the 50mg doses. While these worked, I also experienced some light-headedness, headaches and facial redness. Cutting the dose in half worked out well. The side effects vanished and it also had financial benefits.